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Hello. My name is Matto.

I’m a photographer, dronemusican (well…) and art director. Not necessary in that order. Or any order for that matter. NOT the guy who shoots skiing.

Prints: For now, contact me about prints:

If you use any of the photos from this blog, please credit me “Photo: Matto Fredriksson (”. And also: tell me that you do so! 🙂


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  1. scv0 says:

    Hey, you made the original track?

  2. Vyazhan says:

    Lovely cover art you made for CBL, I highly dig it!

    Thanks and keep on rocking my friend!

  3. Dmitriy says:

    Hey, Matto.
    I found your web-site through the link you left on this photo
    Would you be so kind to send us a bit more higher resolution photo?

    CBL fan group abmin.

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