I’m a long time creative. I’ve worked with all kinds of clients, such as Volvo Cars, Scandinavian Airlines, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Saab AB, Saab Kockums, Chalmers University of Technology, the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre and many more.

I’ve been fortunate enough to gain a lot of experience over the years from working in all aspects of creative communication with all kinds of people.  I’ve been an art director, marketing manager, worked with social media and so much more. I’ve even done some ambient music back in the days. I still take a lot of pictures. All of that make me the creative I am today.

If you are interested in my full portfolio, or enquiriesregarding any usage of my photos, please contact me at matto.fredriksson@gmail.com.

Contact me regarding any usage of my photos. Thanks!


Hello, I am mezmerized by the cover of CBL – Interloper. I really wonder where was this photo shot. And it also looks like there’s another photo as Overlay on the tree tops, or is it just looking like that? Thanks for sharing some information on this wonderful piece, that I can’t stop looking at. Kind regards from Germany

Hey Otto!

Almost all CBL covers are based on ideas where the band and I discuss what they feel about the album, what it’s about, its relation to other CBL albums, and where CBL are as artists at the moment. Some places are real, while others are created based on a combination of places.

Interloper, as you might know, had one cover for the Ultimae Records release. Then there was the original one. After that CBL teamed up with me for the current one, which is used for vinyl, CD, and digital releases.

Most of the front cover for the final one was made in Johannes’s old studio, with Daniel and Johannes looking over my shoulder. This was Johannes’s way of getting back at me for tricking him into playing his late father’s accordion on a demo for a band I used to play in, Rossogollas.

The cover where then finalized in my studio on Hisingen.

Thanks for reaching out!

Yeah I was referring to the final one. It is amazing, could you please reread my question again if you don’t mind? It really amazes me and I’m so curious to hear more about the origins of ht photo. I mean it!! 🙂

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