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Carbon Based Lifeforms new album is out October 6th. Art Direction and Graphic Design by me. Check this space for behind the scenes footage.

I like: !!! (or Chk Chk Chk)

This was released 12 years ago, can you believe that? 2001.

That same year a friend and me went to see The Locust, The Oath, JR Ewing and Kid Commando at Meeths, a youth club in Gothenburg, Sweden. The small venue was packed with kids selling their DIY stuff, stuff from their DIY-distro and so on.

I remember that all four bands got the crowd moving, but The Oath was the fiercest. The crowd even got into a (small) circle pit, which eventually resulted in the vocalist getting stuck in the middle with the microphone chord wrapped around his leg. Great fun.

Another fun thing was the fact that Justin Pearson (of The Locust) was bobbing his head to the music, as if he was playing in a 60s pop band. Awesome.

And the vinyl? I still like some of the tracks very much, for example “KooKooKa Fuk-U”, “Intensify” and “Feel Good Hit of the Fall”.
Listen to !!! – !!! (vinyl tracklist).

I like: the Hated (or Desmond Outcast & The Transplanted Heroes)

Troubleman Unlimited was one those labels that didn’t have proper distribution in Sweden back in the days. Most of it you’d have to post money all the way to New Jersey to get.

I remember sitting on my apartment floor, listening to it over and over, when I got it. “Two People Blue” sounds almost like acoustic drone pop. Awesome.

I like: Barbed Wire Kisses

Got this on the way to the market on Portobello road. I think it was 18 years ago. Still fucking awesome. I mean “Don’t Ever Change”, ” “Psycho Candy”…

I like: my old vinyls

Did you know that José González used to play in a hardcore band? Yep, it’s true. Renascence was a hardcore band from Göteborg, Sweden. A quintet with Mr González on bass plus backup vocals and Elias Araya on drums. Araya and González play together in Junip now (Araya also do cover art for González solo releases). There you go, white vinyl and all.

And me, I like my old vinyls.

I like: Swing Kids seven inch

Ok, this is a little weird, since I don’t know if this is a Kidney Room Records release or the the re-released on Three One G (As Three One G #2). Why? Well, I picked up a couple of records, took some pictures. Then I put the records back in my chaotic collection and did something else. Well, needless to say…it would take me a while to find it again. Anyway…

About 13-14 (?) years ago I started working at a cemetary. After the first week was done I decided to give myself a treat, a couple of records. This was one of them, I think.

This was so exciting to me, everything from the cover art and how the music sounded to the jazz references. This was when I started to explore the noisier parts of the hardcore world. And I never looked back.

I like: Ghostbusters seven inch

Me and J once had a conversation about how when you were a kid, you knew lots about a movie (the story and lots of details), long before you got to see it. For both of us Star Wars was the most best example of this. Weird, I guess kids just have a vivid imagination and easy to learn if they like something.

Anyhow, Ghostbuster was sort of like that for me, but not to the extent of Star Wars. I liked this track a lot when a got this seven inch. I must’ve seen the music video on the show Bagen (“the Bag”?) on Swedish Television. The track was written and performed by Ray Parker, Jr.

I used to have a “glow in the dark” Ghostbuster t-shirt.

Extra 1: Ghostbusters Music Video with Ray Parker Jr.
Extra 2: Ghostbusters trailer from 1984.

Who you gonna call?

I like: Cosmic Curves cover art.

Another record? Another sleeve? What is this, a music blog? No. Sorry, I have no excuses for just posting records all the time. I’ve just been so damn busy, with too much work and also a photo show. But, enough, let’s get on with it.

When I tried to get some more information on the Tania “Automatic Lover” seven inch, all I could find was this artist called Dee D Jackson who had an album called Cosmic Curves. Super cheesy, I know. Even though this was back in the crazy Napster days, Cosmic Curves was nowhere to be found on the internet. Or elsewhere.

When I did find it, at a flea market, it was just by coincidence. I never did listen to it more than once or maybe twice. Tanias version of Automatic Lover was enough for me I guess. But I still love this crazy, cheesy cover art.

And I promise that I won’t post records for a while.

Check the video too.

I like: Family Room Seven Inch

Great sounding seven inch by the band Bluebird called Family Room. Apparently a 1000 pressed. The graphics by artist Rich Jacobs are really cool, so hopefully I’ll get around posting some more pics of this fine vinyl.

UPDATED (September 17th 2011):
Apparently, Tee Pee Records has released 3 record compilation of Bluebird releases spanning from 1995 to 2003. It’s called Saguaro…Saguaro is cactus, which fits the band nice, I think. Anyway, listen to the two tracks from the Family Room seven inch here (on Spotify).

I like: Tropicopop

The show Tropicopop (together with the local library) introduced me, as a young kid, to wonderful music (and commercials/visuals) from all around the world. Really cheesy 3D graphics too. Think I bought this LP at a market. Cost me 25 SEK apparently.

Read more about Thomas Gylling of Tropicopop here or check Tropicopop at Youtube here. It’s all pretty…confusing, though.