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Reykjavík roof lovers

Two on a roof in Iceland.

Mazda 1300

I think these were built in the early 70’s. Still looking good!


Is anybody out there?

Carbon Based Lifeforms

Happy to work with the Carbon Based Lifeforms guys on the remastered versions of their albums. We also did a photoshoot for some promo pics. Let me know what you think.

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Snö på Hisingen

Somewhere between Lundbyhamnen and Lindholmen. Contact me at for prints.

I like: Kary H Lasch Flickfotograf

A book about world renowned model photographer Kary H Lasch. I like it.


Man carrying redhead in Milan, Italy.

I like: Fuck You Heroes

With a book full of photographs of legendary punks, rappers, skaters etc, what can go wrong? Well, lots I guess. But this doesn’t.

Capturing an era of counter-culture that really inspired me, this is still fun to return to. Some of these guys are gone, some took a mainstream route and some stayed anti. If you’re looking for photos of Black Flag, Public Enemy, Fugazi, KRS-1, Ice-T, Suicidal Tendencies and many, many more all in one book, get this. And there is a second book called Fuck You Too (and there’s more books by Glen E. Friedman).

Just one question here: where are all the girls?

I like: Vintage Beauty Flex Camera

My fathers old camera. Looks stunning I think.

Here’s a photo he took in Italy in his teens.