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Tag: old

I like: Barney Rubble figurine

This is a Barney Rubble figurine, it used to belong my father. I guess it’s from early 60s, since the Flintstones ran from 1960 to 1966 (later in Sweden I guess). Got it when I was a kid, kept it in a box and here it is.

I like: Instamatic Cameras

Bought this Instamatic a little while ago. A fun little camera, that uses Kodak 126 film, which for the user is more like a cartridge than a roll of film. It even got a used up roll in it.

I like: Old Boxes of Matches

I guess this is from the 60’s? I like the fun graphics.

Btw, I kind of lied to you all, there will be more records. I like a lot of music…so there will be plenty of vinyls.