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Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Bonnie “Prince” Billy live at Bohus Fästning, Sweden.

In the main set they played “I see a darkness” which created an extraordinary momentum which totally captured the audience. The song was followed by the cover of R. Kellys “The Worlds Greatest” and it was the greatest ending of the main set anyone could imagine and everyone in the crowd was dancing and cheering.

All the three (!) encores were great. Including the one with Nicolai Dunger (where N. Dunger sung and played guitar, while W. Oldham sung some backups).

This one came out a little flat…but I like it anyway.

Joel Josefsson bloggade om det Bonnie “Prince” Billy:

I like: iDEAL Recordings earplugs?

Earplugs? Uhm, yeah. Or memories of shows I’ve been to. Even if some there’s just fragments of memories left of some of them.

I think these earplugs may have been from that show with Kid Commando, Trapdoor Fucking Exit and a norwegian band at Kid Commandos rehearsal space. The norwegian band was two guys with a drum machine. One of the guys played guitar, while the other sang and occasionally “played” a inflatable saxophone.

But more likely, I got them at a Arab on Radar show.

Never used them, though.

Back in 2004

I’d heard of the Secret Machines, but I hadn’t gotten around to actually listen to them. But back in 2004(?) I found myself at a small music festival and they were performing. They created a nice wall of sound and a good groove, really pleasant. I remember thinking “this sounds so good, but I will be sooo disappointed when I hear this shit on record”. And I was.

Still today I’m no fan of the Secret Machines. But at that concert they kicked ass.