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January 19, 2018

Gothenburg. Picture taken January 19, 2018.

January 20, 2018

Gothenburg. Picture taken January 20, 2018.

Carbon Based Lifeforms Pre-Derelicts shoot

Some pics from a couple of months before Derelicts.

Share all you like, but please include credit. Thanks.

Behind the scenes of Derelicts

My friends Carbon Based Lifeforms new album Derelicts is out Oct 6th.
Here’s a treat for all you CBL fans, a behind the scenes of the cover photoshoot.

This is not a track from the album.

Reykjavík roof lovers

Two on a roof in Iceland.

Sardinia after the storm

Cat in window

Gent, Belgium. Cats in windows, cool.


Carbon Based Lifeforms new album is out October 6th. Art Direction and Graphic Design by me. Check this space for behind the scenes footage.

Mazda 1300

I think these were built in the early 70’s. Still looking good!

Thunderbird ’64

Somewhere in Sweden, this Ford Thunderbird from 1964 still goes vroom.