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I like: Yngve Stoor – Isa Lei LP

I remember being totally psyched about finding this. Now there’s lots of Yngve Stoor to find on Spotify and such, but this is still very dear to me.

Listen to Yngve Stoor – Aloha Oe

I like: The Aesthetics of No-Drag LP

This LP is a real treat. Great sleeve with graphics by Jason Farrel. Great music by Regulator Watts.

I like: 10 inch vinyl Theme from Turnpike

Back when MTV not only played music, but great, interesting music, they had weekend focusing on belgian music. Anyone remember a music video where they had rearranged the SONY logotype to NOYS? If so, get in touch with me, please. Anyway, that weekend, I first heard dEUS. I think so at least. The track: Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me).

This track, Theme from Turnpike, is great. Havin’ it on a 10 inch vinyl record is pretty good too.

Check the video too.

I like: Automatic Lover seven inch

Look at the typography on this one, tacky huh? 😀

I bought this piece of vinyl many years ago in a local record shop called Pennies from Heaven, which primaraly carries jazz records. I actually haven’t listened to the A-side (Don’t cry for me Argentina). The name of the artist is Tania, but the track Automatic Lover sounds just like Dee D Jackson. Weird.