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Tag: vintage

Thunderbird ’64

Somewhere in Sweden, this Ford Thunderbird from 1964 still goes vroom.

I like: Vintage Cameras, again

Starmite…looks great. More updates in the making, so I’m keeping this short.

I like: Cavallaro with that Latin Beat

Ten years ago I had a thing for exotica. You know Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Yma Sumac etc…I picked this up back then. I don’t know why I liked exotica that much, it’s such a weird genre…that’s really pure fake. Or pure fantasy if you wanna stay positive. Even though it has lost it’s charm, I still find the whole world of tiki and exotica fun…it’s kitsch you know. You don’t have to love it all, to enjoy it in some way.

By the way, last time in NYC, I picked up two shirts at Screaming Mimis: one hawaiian shirt and a bowler shirt with pink flamingoes on it’s back…well, there you go.

And I guess many genres are fake, as well as many artists. In some cases it bothers me, in other it don’t.

Don’t even know if Cavallaro qualifies as exotica artist…

I like: Barney Rubble figurine

This is a Barney Rubble figurine, it used to belong my father. I guess it’s from early 60s, since the Flintstones ran from 1960 to 1966 (later in Sweden I guess). Got it when I was a kid, kept it in a box and here it is.

I like: Instamatic Cameras

Bought this Instamatic a little while ago. A fun little camera, that uses Kodak 126 film, which for the user is more like a cartridge than a roll of film. It even got a used up roll in it.

I like: Old Boxes of Matches

I guess this is from the 60’s? I like the fun graphics.

Btw, I kind of lied to you all, there will be more records. I like a lot of music…so there will be plenty of vinyls.

I like: Vintage Beauty Flex Camera

My fathers old camera. Looks stunning I think.

Here’s a photo he took in Italy in his teens.

I like: Vintage Cameras

I like vintage cameras. Don’t know if this Polaroid Land Camera 2000 really qualifies as vintage by it’s true definition, but it looks lovely doesn’t it? Haven’t tried it yet though.