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Tag: LP

I like: Tropicopop

The show Tropicopop (together with the local library) introduced me, as a young kid, to wonderful music (and commercials/visuals) from all around the world. Really cheesy 3D graphics too. Think I bought this LP at a market. Cost me 25 SEK apparently.

Read more about Thomas Gylling of Tropicopop here or check Tropicopop at Youtube here. It’s all pretty…confusing, though.

I like: Yngve Stoor – Isa Lei LP

I remember being totally psyched about finding this. Now there’s lots of Yngve Stoor to find on Spotify and such, but this is still very dear to me.

Listen to Yngve Stoor – Aloha Oe

I like: The Aesthetics of No-Drag LP

This LP is a real treat. Great sleeve with graphics by Jason Farrel. Great music by Regulator Watts.