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Tag: graphics

I like: Cigarette packages

I like old cigarette packages. I got this more than twenty years ago, in France. Actually, my father had to get it for me, since I was too young.

Chevignon cigarettes wasn’t available in Sweden back then, which made it really cool, insted Chevignon winter jackets was the hype. That just made it all the more fun. I never had a Chevignon jacket, I didn’t smoke and I don’t smoke. I was just fascinated by the…stuff. You know.

Worst update. Ever.

I like: Old Boxes of Matches

I guess this is from the 60’s? I like the fun graphics.

Btw, I kind of lied to you all, there will be more records. I like a lot of music…so there will be plenty of vinyls.

I like: Family Room Seven Inch

Great sounding seven inch by the band Bluebird called Family Room. Apparently a 1000 pressed. The graphics by artist Rich Jacobs are really cool, so hopefully I’ll get around posting some more pics of this fine vinyl.

UPDATED (September 17th 2011):
Apparently, Tee Pee Records has released 3 record compilation of Bluebird releases spanning from 1995 to 2003. It’s called Saguaro…Saguaro is cactus, which fits the band nice, I think. Anyway, listen to the two tracks from the Family Room seven inch here (on Spotify).

I like: 10 inch vinyl Theme from Turnpike

Back when MTV not only played music, but great, interesting music, they had weekend focusing on belgian music. Anyone remember a music video where they had rearranged the SONY logotype to NOYS? If so, get in touch with me, please. Anyway, that weekend, I first heard dEUS. I think so at least. The track: Hotellounge (Be the Death of Me).

This track, Theme from Turnpike, is great. Havin’ it on a 10 inch vinyl record is pretty good too.

Check the video too.