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Tag: black

I like: my guitar

This is my ’72 Telecaster. I named it “svarta vrålet” (“the black scream”).

Not really. But Ulf Lundell (swedish singer/songwriter/author) apparently calls his white Stratocaster “vita viskningen” (“the white whisper”).

Oh, well…

I like: this pack of Death Cigarettes

Kinda bad picture this, sorry.

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned before, that I don’t smoke. But, I’ve kept this pack of cigarettes from a trip to London in…1993 or 1994..I think. Didn’t smoke back then either, but after seeing ads for Death in i-D Magazine I quickly realized that this was a product that I wouldn’t get hold of in Sweden and therefor it became interesting.

Still think it’s fun, but now in a cheesy way.