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I like: 16th Anniversary Wood Aged Double IPA

I tried and liked a couple beers from Denvers Great Divide Brewing Co like for example Hibernation Ale and Yeti and this was at least as good as them. Even though I like to try all kinds of beer at least once (I had my first Coors Light just before this mind you), I really liked this. This isn’t review though, check the beer geeks at for that.

Highly recommended. Even Digidroid liked it. 😉


I like: the Hated (or Desmond Outcast & The Transplanted Heroes)

Troubleman Unlimited was one those labels that didn’t have proper distribution in Sweden back in the days. Most of it you’d have to post money all the way to New Jersey to get.

I remember sitting on my apartment floor, listening to it over and over, when I got it. “Two People Blue” sounds almost like acoustic drone pop. Awesome.

Prints for SALE / Matto at Brunos Espresso

In swedish…
Just nu hĂ€nger nĂ„gra av mina bilder pĂ„ Brunos Espresso (CafĂ© Brunos?) i Göteborg. Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Moneybrother, Weeping Willows, Zeigeist (som ni ser hĂ€r ovanför), Winter Took His Life, Les Savy Fav och lite till. Brunos ligger pĂ„ Postgatan, bakom Gustaf Adolfs Torg.

GĂ„ gĂ€rna dit, ta en macka och en god kopp kaffe…och kika lite pĂ„ bilderna. Det skulle betyda mycket för mig.

Bilderna kostar 475 kr/st för de smÄ (inkl. ram) och 975 kr/st för de stora. Kontakta mig gÀrna för mer information.

In english please?
If you’re visiting Gothenburg, Sweden you can check out some of my pictures while enjoying a nice cup of coffee and something to eat. At Brunos Espresso located on Postgatan. Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Moneybrother, Weeping Willows, Zeigeist (as seen above), Winter Took His Life, Les Savy Fav and some more. Not in Gothenburg and still want a print? Contact me.


Visa större karta

I like: Josef MĂŒller-Brockmann

“The grid system is an aid, not a guarantee. It permits a number of possible uses and each designer can look for a solution appropriate to his personal style. But one must learn how to use thegrid; it is an art that requires practice.”
Josef MĂŒller-Brockmann

Don’t call it a comeback…

Giving myself the award for “the most inconsistent blogging routine”…

Well, if you must know I’ve been..:

  • Working…yep, that’s life
  • Preparing “portfolio”, should’ve started working on that years ago
  • Watching Rocky 1 & 2
  • Preparing for my second (or fourth) show
  • Preparing prints
  • Sick

Oh and I actually won that Rödspaette Cup prize…yep, back in 1991.

I’ll probably get my shit together soon with more “I like”, photos, Fabriksmusik etc.


Bonnie “Prince” Billy

Bonnie “Prince” Billy live at Bohus FĂ€stning, Sweden.

In the main set they played “I see a darkness” which created an extraordinary momentum which totally captured the audience. The song was followed by the cover of R. Kellys “The Worlds Greatest” and it was the greatest ending of the main set anyone could imagine and everyone in the crowd was dancing and cheering.

All the three (!) encores were great. Including the one with Nicolai Dunger (where N. Dunger sung and played guitar, while W. Oldham sung some backups).

This one came out a little flat…but I like it anyway.

Same show as this
And this
And also this

Joel Josefsson bloggade om det Bonnie “Prince” Billy:

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