This documentary about jazz trumpeter Chet Baker moved me in a way, which kind of suprised me. I’ve been listening to Chet Baker for years and even though I don’t have solid knowledge of his work there’s a couple personal evergreens in his catalogue.

An icon of the music some would classify West Coast Jazz, Chet Baker is a cool cat. His smooth voice and the way he plays. And through all the tradegy, he’s “cool”. In a eerie way, to me.

This film made me quite sad, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, cause I did. Bruce Weber did a great job, it’s beautiful shot and it keeps you focused. And it’s cool. It’s more like…well, Chet Baker seem to have been a talented but troubled man who hurt a lot of people.

“Bread, butter and champagne…” describes this pretty well.
Check it out, if you can.

Here’s a video with old clips with cars and Chet Bakers track I’ve Never Been In Love Before. Really nice. I love that song.