But this is not a house, it’s a book? Huh?

I think I was in my late teens, when I went on my last vacation with my parents. Scotland. We stayed somewhere not far from Glasgow and took daytrips all around. One day we went to Helensburgh to visit Charles Rennie Mackintoshs Hill House.

As a kid I was fairly interested in art, I’ve heard of Charles Rennie Mackintosh (most kids into art likes Art Nouveau at some point I guess). I hadn’t heard of his Hill House though.

If you ever have the opportunity to go there, do it. Especially if you’re into architecture, design or anything like that. It’s a great experience and a great house. I bought this little book there, to remind me. Btw the Hill House is located here. More about Mackintosh on Wikipedia.

Another thing I remember from that trip was that I was looking for a pair of Champion basketball shoes, preferably red. Champion as brand was available in Sweden at that time, but you couldn’t get the shoes, just sweatshirts, t-shirts and such here. When I finally found them, there was only one (!) shoe left, all the others were shipped for a sale in another city. Only one shoe left. Well, there you go.