Me and J once had a conversation about how when you were a kid, you knew lots about a movie (the story and lots of details), long before you got to see it. For both of us Star Wars was the most best example of this. Weird, I guess kids just have a vivid imagination and easy to learn if they like something.

Anyhow, Ghostbuster was sort of like that for me, but not to the extent of Star Wars. I liked this track a lot when a got this seven inch. I must’ve seen the music video on the show Bagen (“the Bag”?) on Swedish Television. The track was written and performed by Ray Parker, Jr.

I used to have a “glow in the dark” Ghostbuster t-shirt.

Extra 1: Ghostbusters Music Video with Ray Parker Jr.
Extra 2: Ghostbusters trailer from 1984.

Who you gonna call?