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I like: Ghostbusters seven inch

Me and J once had a conversation about how when you were a kid, you knew lots about a movie (the story and lots of details), long before you got to see it. For both of us Star Wars was the most definite example of this. Weird, I guess kids just have a vivid imagination and easy to learn if they like something.

Anyhow, Ghostbuster was sort of like that for me, but not to the extent of Star Wars. I liked this track a lot when a got this seven inch. I must’ve seen the music video on the show Bagen (“the Bag”?) on Swedish Television. The track was written and performed by Ray Parker, Jr.

I used to have a “glow in the dark” Ghostbuster t-shirt. Come to think of it, I use to remember that t-shirt to just be gone one day. Well that’s not strange you say, you could have just left it somewhere by accident or maybe it just worn out and thrown away. Those are equally possible and it was almost certainly so. But, for me growing up, it was a mystery that a couple of things just seem to be gone one day: the Ghostbuster t-shirt, a toy at Björlanda Plantskola (don’t know how to translate this but a “plantskola” is a place where you buy plants etc for your garden) and a t-shirt with a tram on it from San Francisco. Oh how stupid.

Extra 1: Ghostbusters Music Video with Ray Parker Jr.
Extra 2: Ghostbusters trailer from 1984.

Who you gonna call?

I like: Cosmic Curves cover art.

Another record? Another sleeve? What is this, a music blog? No. Sorry, I have no excuses for just posting records all the time. I’ve just been so damn busy, with too much work and also a photo show. But, enough, let’s get on with it.

When I tried to get some more information on the Tania “Automatic Lover” seven inch, all I could find was this artist called Dee D Jackson who had an album called Cosmic Curves. Super cheesy, I know. Even though this was back in the crazy Napster days, Cosmic Curves was nowhere to be found on the internet. Or elsewhere.

When I did find it, at a flea market, it was just by coincidence. I never did listen to it more than once or maybe twice. Tanias version of Automatic Lover was enough for me I guess. But I still love this crazy, cheesy cover art.

And I promise that I won’t post records for a while.

Check the video too.

I like: Family Room Seven Inch

Great sounding seven inch by the band Bluebird called Family Room. Apparently a 1000 pressed. The graphics by artist Rich Jacobs are really cool, so hopefully I’ll get around posting some more pics of this fine vinyl.

UPDATED (September 17th 2011):
Apparently, Tee Pee Records has released 3 record compilation of Bluebird releases spanning from 1995 to 2003. It’s called Saguaro…Saguaro is cactus, which fits the band nice, I think. Anyway, listen to the two tracks from the Family Room seven inch here (on Spotify).

I like: Tropicopop

The show Tropicopop (together with the local library) introduced me, as a young kid, to wonderful music (and commercials/visuals) from all around the world. Really cheesy 3D graphics too. Think I bought this LP at a market. Cost me 25 SEK apparently.

Read more about Thomas Gylling of Tropicopop here or check Tropicopop at Youtube here. It’s all pretty…confusing, though.

I like: Yngve Stoor – Isa Lei LP

I remember being totally psyched about finding this. Now there’s lots of Yngve Stoor to find on Spotify and such, but this is still very dear to me.

Listen to Yngve Stoor – Aloha Oe

I like: The Aesthetics of No-Drag LP

This LP is a real treat. Great sleeve with graphic art by Jason Farrel. Great music by Regulator Watts.

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