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Category: Movies

I like: the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Singing, dancing and aliens from the planet of Transsexual (in the galaxy of Transylvania). Just the name Dr. Frank-N-Furter (played by Tim Curry)…awesome!

I’ll keep this short, since you’ve probably already seen it. Oh, you haven’t? Well, it’s sort of a cult classic you know, so you should.

Extra: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Trailer

It’s just a jump to the left…

I like: Twin Peaks

This is not recommended, this is mandatory.

I like: Ghostbusters seven inch

Me and J once had a conversation about how when you were a kid, you knew lots about a movie (the story and lots of details), long before you got to see it. For both of us Star Wars was the most definite example of this. Weird, I guess kids just have a vivid imagination and easy to learn if they like something.

Anyhow, Ghostbuster was sort of like that for me, but not to the extent of Star Wars. I liked this track a lot when a got this seven inch. I must’ve seen the music video on the show Bagen (“the Bag”?) on Swedish Television. The track was written and performed by Ray Parker, Jr.

I used to have a “glow in the dark” Ghostbuster t-shirt. Come to think of it, I use to remember that t-shirt to just be gone one day. Well that’s not strange you say, you could have just left it somewhere by accident or maybe it just worn out and thrown away. Those are equally possible and it was almost certainly so. But, for me growing up, it was a mystery that a couple of things just seem to be gone one day: the Ghostbuster t-shirt, a toy at Björlanda Plantskola (don’t know how to translate this but a “plantskola” is a place where you buy plants etc for your garden) and a t-shirt with a tram on it from San Francisco. Oh how stupid.

Extra 1: Ghostbusters Music Video with Ray Parker Jr.
Extra 2: Ghostbusters trailer from 1984.

Who you gonna call?

I like: Let’s Get Lost starring Chet Baker

This documentary about jazz trumpeter Chet Baker moved me in a way, which kind of suprised me. I’ve been listening to Chet Baker for years and even though I don’t have solid knowledge of his work there’s a couple personal evergreens in his back catalogue.

An icon of the music some would classify West Coast Jazz, Chet Baker is a cool cat. His smooth voice and the way he plays. And through all the tradegy, he’s “cool”. In a eerie way, to me.

This film made me quite sad, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, cause I did. Bruce Weber did a great job, it’s beautiful shot and it keeps you focused. And it’s cool. It’s more like…well, Chet Baker seem to have been a talented but troubled man who hurt a lot of people.

“Bread, butter and champagne…” describes this pretty well.
Check it out, if you can.

Here’s a video with old clips with cars and Chet Bakers track I’ve Never Been In Love Before. Really nice. I love that song.

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