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I like: my old vinyls

Did you know that José González used to play in a hardcore band? Yep, it’s true. Renascence was a hardcore band from Göteborg, Sweden. A quintet with Mr González on bass plus backup vocals and Elias Araya on drums. Araya and González play together in Junip now (Araya also do cover art for González solo releases). There you go, white vinyl and all.

And me, I like my old vinyls.

I like: my old skateboard

Anyone remember the trick gorilla grip? I think it was the only trick I knew. The artwork is, well..a dinosaur? Maybe a snake? Loved it as a kid. Still like it.

I like: Cavallaro with that Latin Beat

Ten years ago I had a thing for exotica. You know Martin Denny, Les Baxter, Yma Sumac etc…I picked this up back then. I don’t know why I liked exotica that much, it’s such a weird genre…that’s really pure fake. Or pure fantasy if you wanna stay positive. Even though it has lost it’s charm, I still find the whole world of tiki and exotica fun…it’s kitsch you know. You don’t have to love it all, to enjoy it in some way.

By the way, last time in NYC, I picked up two shirts at Screaming Mimis: one hawaiian shirt and a bowler shirt with pink flamingoes on it’s back…well, there you go.

And I guess many genres are fake, as well as many artists. In some cases it bothers me, in other it don’t.

Don’t even know if Cavallaro qualifies as exotica artist…

I like: old Populär Mekanik

As might have guessed, this is Popular Mechanics magazine in swedish. I got this while hunting down a couple of cocktail glasses with pin-ups on them. I found both the glasses and this copy of Populär Mekanik No 3 from 1958 in a second hand bookstore located in a church on the swedish countryside.

In this issue you get all you need to build you’re own house, in a modern or traditional fashion. There is also some sort of advertorials for Plymouths 1958 models.

This is pretty far from todays glossy magazine, do like this better or do you prefer glossy publications?

Enough chit-chat, check the pics instead.

I like: this pack of Death Cigarettes

Kinda bad picture this, sorry.

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned before, that I don’t smoke. But, I’ve kept this pack of cigarettes from a trip to London in…1993 or 1994..I think. Didn’t smoke back then either, but after seeing ads for Death in i-D Magazine I quickly realized that this was a product that I wouldn’t get hold of in Sweden and therefor it became interesting.

Still think it’s fun, but now in a cheesy way.

I like: Jonas Karner

You should always give credit where credit is due and to compensate for failing to give credit to Jonas Karner (for the cover art of Räkodlargazetten) in my last post, I give you this. It may seem strange that I kept a distorted napkin for some 14 years, but it’s from the box where I put stuff…just to accompany memories, if you know what I mean.

Still sounds weird? Whatever, check out Jonas work here.

I like: Räkodlargazetten

School fanzine(?) from 1996(?) called Räkodlargazetten, which roughly translates as the Shrimpfarmer Gazette. Being seniors and all we aimed at two issues each semester…in the end there were just one issue during the whole year. But we did lots of other stuff…collecting toys, strange food from the school cafeteria and much more while drinking coffee in our room which was located in the basement of the school.

I like: the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Singing, dancing and aliens from the planet of Transsexual (in the galaxy of Transylvania). Just the name Dr. Frank-N-Furter (played by Tim Curry)…awesome!

I’ll keep this short, since you’ve probably already seen it. Oh, you haven’t? Well, it’s sort of a cult classic you know, so you should.

Extra: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Trailer

It’s just a jump to the left…

I like: Fuck You Heroes

With a book full of photographs of legendary punks, rappers, skaters etc, what can go wrong? Well, lots I guess. But this doesn’t.

Capturing an era of counter-culture that really inspired me, this is still fun to return to. Some of these guys are gone, some took a mainstream route and some stayed anti. If you’re looking for photos of Black Flag, Public Enemy, Fugazi, KRS-1, Ice-T, Suicidal Tendencies and many, many more all in one book, get this. And there is a second book called Fuck You Too (and there’s more books by Glen E. Friedman).

Just one question here: where are all the girls?

I like: Swing Kids seven inch

Ok, this is a little weird, since I don’t know if this is a Kidney Room Records release or the the re-released on Three One G (As Three One G #2). Why? Well, I picked up a couple of records, took some pictures. Then I put the records back in my chaotic collection and did something else. Well, needless to say…it would take me a while to find it again. Anyway…

About 13-14 (?) years ago I started working at a cemetary. After the first week was done I decided to give myself a treat, a couple of records. This was one of them, I think.

This was so exciting to me, everything from the cover art and how the music sounded to the jazz references. This was when I started to explore the noisier parts of the hardcore world. And I never looked back.